Energy Impact Podcast

The Energy Impact Podcast features world-renowned experts across international energy policy and project finance along with regular news updates from leading journalists specializing in energy innovation and business.

Ep. 5: Dan Michaels - Brussels Bureau Chief, The Wall Street Journal

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1. Dan’s interest in technology and his early career as an aerospace journalist
2. Dan’s first introduction to small modular reactors
3. Opportunities for small modular reactor deployment in Europe
4. Nuclear innovation and projects such as the ITER fusion reactor

Ep. 4: Beks Dagogo-Jack - Former Chairman, Nigerian Presidential Task Force on Power

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1. Beks’ career shift from the private sector to the public sector
2. Beks’ leadership on the Presidential Task Force on Power
3. The Nigerian energy landscape and current energy challenges in Nigeria
4. Opportunities for growth and innovation in the Nigerian energy sector

Ep. 3: Angel Cardenas Sosa - Director of Infrastructure Projects , CAF

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1. How Angel’s desire to help others led him to work in development
2. The history, role, and importance of development banks in project financing
3. How project financiers and policymakers work together to achieve common goals
4. Angel’s vision for the clean energy transition and the role it will play in economics and politics

Ep. 2: Randy Bell - Director, Global Energy Center, The Atlantic Council

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1. Randy’s career from filmmaking to energy policy
2. Recapping the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Conference
3. The United States’ role in climate change and energy under a new administration
4. Energy innovation and the role of emerging technologies in advancing energy policy

Ep. 1: Brooks Klimley - Professor, Columbia University

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1. How Brooks got into the project financing space
2. Finding the balance between innovation and risk as a project financier
3. The increasing focus on ESG investing and the benefits it provides for investors
4. Emerging energy projects and the future of energy project financing