Energy Impact Podcast

The Energy Impact Podcast features world-renowned experts across international energy policy and project finance along with regular news updates from leading journalists specializing in energy innovation and business.


Ep 66: Karol Gobczynski - Head of Climate and Energy, Ingka Group

May 20, 2022

1. Karol Gobczynski reflects on his career with the Ingka Group and all the roles he has played in energy procurement and sustainability
2. A deep dive into the Ingka Group, Ikea, and their ambitious sustainability goals
3. A look at corporate energy purchasing groups like the RE100 and the role they play in companies achieving clean energy goals
4. Karol’s vision for the clean energy future both for the Ingka Group and globally


Ep 65: Elizabeth Lewis - Managing Director, Deputy Head of ESG, Blackstone

April 29, 2021

1. How Elizabeth’s early experiences in Montana shaped her interest in energy and the environment
2. Elizabeth’s initial exposure to climate and energy financing early in her career
3. Her recent career shift from the International Finance Corporation to Blackstone
4. Elizabeth’s vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 64: Dimitry Gershenson - Co-Founder and CEO, Enduring Planet

April 12, 2022

1. Dimitry’s background studying natural resource management and exploring rural energy problems
2. Dimitry’s role at Enduring Ventures and the work they do to support companies over the long term
3. A deep dive into Enduring Planet’s work providing capital for climate entrepreneurs
4. Dimitry’s vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 63: Elina Teplinsky & Vince Zabielski - Partners, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

March 15, 2022

1. Elina Teplinsky and Vince Zabielski explain how their respective backgrounds in international affairs and engineering brought them to careers in law
2. Vince and Elina's experiences as legal counsel for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant
3. The pros and cons of various financing models for nuclear power
4. A deep dive into the European Green Taxonomy and its inclusion of nuclear power as a green energy source


Ep 62: Scott Mackin - Managing Partner, Denham Capital Management

March 8, 2021

1. Scott’s early experiences attending law school and practicing business law
2. Scott’s career transition into energy finance
3. The history of Denham Capital and the role they play in energy project development
4. A look at the EU green taxonomy and the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 61: Gernot Wagner - Climate Economist, Columbia University

March 4, 2022

1. Gernot’s early exposure to climate change and how he combined that with his interest in economics 
2. A look at the state of climate economics and how the field has evolved over the past 20 years 
3. Gernot’s recent Wall Street journal piece on nuclear energy and the role nuclear plays in the global energy transition 
4. A deep dive into the economics around nuclear energy and some of its pathways forward 


Ep 60: Kevin Conroy - President & Founder, Finite

February 8, 2022

1. Kevin Conroy’s path from his first investment in third grade to leading a brand new investment fund
2. How Finite challenges the status quo of sustainable investing by making it a seamless experience
3. Why Kevin focused in on the builders of solar assets as the key to reimagining solar systems
4. What industries Finite is looking at next as they grow their fund


Ep 59: Nick Woolley - CEO & Co-Founder,

February 1, 2022

1. Nick Woolley walks through how rapid growth in electric vehicle usage will require simple, innovative ways to manage grid demand
2. How is connecting the EV fleet to available renewable energy to maximize green charging
3. Three challenges energy utilities are facing as decarbonization efforts ramp up and EVs are the solution
4. Keys to implementing & integrating smart grid software with clean infrastructure


Ep 58: Robert Bryce - Author, A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations

January 27, 2022

1. Robert Bryce gives a behind the scenes look at his new book & documentary analyzing the impact of electricity on global poverty
2. Why power density matters and a comparison of the power density of different energy sources
3. The effect that government stability – or lack thereof – has on the availability of electricity
4. Risks of grid fragilization as baseload power plants shut down and how nuclear can help the US recover


Ep 57: Christophe Defert - Head of Climate Technology Investments, HSBC Asset Management

January 19, 2022

1. Christophe Defert walks through his finance career, from investment banking to venture capital
2. The impact of bringing energy knowledge to the global investment regions to find the next category winners
3. Why different forms of financing are necessary to drive the energy transition
4. How Christophe is building a network of collaborators to work together towards climate goals


Ep 56: Jennifer Hiller - Reporter, Wall Street Journal

January 11, 2022

1. Jennifer Hiller’s history in the oil and gas industry and how it prepared her for coverage of the energy transition
2. A behind-the-scenes look at how a Wall Street Journal article comes to be
3. Challenges with transforming the country’s electrical grid as electrification scales up
4. The current state of the global supply chain and what experts are saying needs to change to be more resilient in the future


Ep 55: Rokas Peciulaitis - Managing Partner, Contrarian Ventures

January 4, 2022

1. Rokas Peciulaitis explains how video games sparked his interest in investing & led him to a career in finance
2. Disruption in energy mobility: decentralization, deregulation, digitalization and decarbonisation
3. How Contrarian Ventures is building a community and platform to help climate tech entrepreneurs
4. The value of interdisciplinary talent coming in to expand technology that fights climate change