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Energy Impact Podcast

The Energy Impact Podcast features world-renowned experts across international energy policy and project finance along with regular news updates from leading journalists specializing in energy innovation and business.


Ep 109: Charlie Donovan - Senior Economic Advisor, Impax Asset Management

April 4, 2024

1. Why everyone should care about and be invested in energy and the progression of the energy industry
2. How the energy transition may fundamentally change the industry and how this intersects with finance
3. The ways in which interest in the sustainable finance space has increased exponentially in the past decade
4. How communities will interact with new forms of clean energy being deployed and what the future holds for this form of progression


Ep 108: Zainab Gilani - Research Associate, Energy & Power, Cleantech Group

March 18, 2024

1. Zainab’s background in Physics and English and how all roads eventually led back to Energy and Power
2. How important lower costs are to various energy industries and the common challenge of supply chain
3. Investment trends in the clean energy space and the kind of research the Cleantech Group completes
4. Hopes for the future of the energy transition and how large-scale vs. small-scale companies might handle the change


Ep 107: Clay Dumas - General Partner, Lowercarbon Capital

February 29, 2024

1. An important lesson Clay learned early in his career about destinations and opportunities
2. A deep dive into Lowercase and Lowercarbon Capital
3. The idea of improving existing processes versus fundamental breakthroughs in the issue of climate change
4. A debate on the future of the energy transition and different paths to tackling climate change


Ep 106: Neal Dikeman - Partner, Energy Transition Ventures

January 30, 2024

1. Neal Dikeman’s early career and his experience running for the U.S. Senate
2. How Neal made his way into the energy space
3. A deep dive into Energy Transition Ventures and the state of the energy landscape
4. Neal’s vision for the future and what Energy Transition Ventures is currently working on, as well as what we might see in the near future


Ep 105: Brandon Hurlbut - Co-Founder, Boundary Stone Partners

January 16, 2024

1. How Brandon made his way to Washington, D.C. and what landed him in the White House and the Department of Energy
2. The driving force behind Boundary Stone Partners and its initial goals and vision
3. The international client landscape and how Boundary Stone’s business model differentiates itself from other companies
4. The hurdles we might face in terms of the energy transition, what’s new with battery storage, and what’s next for Boundary Stone Partners and Overture VC in 2024


Ep 104: Mark Lewis - Managing Director, Lime Rock New Energy

January 2, 2024

1. Mark’s interests in energy, business, and finance and how his time at GE sparked a long-time passion for energy transition work
2. How an idea turned into what is now Lime Rock New Energy
3. The three big areas of Lime Rock’s focus: Grid modernization, energy efficiency for the industry, and decarbonization of transportation
4. Carbon Enterprise Value, Lime Rock’s investments, and a look toward the future


Ep 103: Jeanette Pablo - Director, Climate Equity Initiative, Clean Air Task Force

December 6, 2023

1. Jeanette’s interest in history, her time at Mother Jones, getting a degree in law, and how it all led to her early career in energy
2. The start of PNM’s Washington D.C. office and the state of climate law in the early 2000’s
3. Jeanette’s road to the Clean Air Task Force and the development of environmental justice resources
4. Climate change vs. sustainability, as well as the work we will see from Jeanette and the Clean Air Task Force in the future


Ep 102: Matt McGraw - Managing Partner, Anthropocene Ventures

November 21, 2023

1. A monumental move to San Francisco and how it led Matt to computers and engineering
2. Matt’s story of founding companies, trying new things, and meeting interesting people in different industries
3. A discussion of pre-seed deep tech, the boom of investment, and what the technology industry is looking like in 2023, as well as Anthropocene Ventures
4. The universal truth about what it’s like to start a company and some words of advice for what’s important during the process


Ep 101: Collin McLelland - Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Wildcatters

November 7, 2023

1. How drilling oil rigs in West Texas jumpstarted Collin’s interest and career in energy
2. The mission of connecting people from different industries, starting podcasts, and Collin’s determination to start a company
3. Everything Digital Wildcatters and how they’re working towards a goal of creating a vertically integrated professional network for energy professionals
4. Breaking the barriers of professionalism to create relationships, as well as a discussion of various forms of energy


Ep 100: Michael Crabb - Senior Vice President, Commercial, Last Energy

October 18, 2023

1. Michael’s upbringing in Nebraska, his early architectural engineering career interests, and how his career trajectory completely changed before his senior year of college
2. A leap into the private equity world and the first work product Michael recalls being proud of
3. Understanding risk and reward as it relates to investing on behalf of others and seeking opportunities
4. Michael’s move to Washington, D.C., learnings in his current role, and what’s on the horizon for his current role as Senior Vice President, Commercial


Ep 99: Aparna Shrivastava - Deputy Chief Climate Officer, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation

September 12, 2023

1. Aparna’s childhood in the wilderness of Oregon, her interest in working on cars, and some of the philosophies that guide her work.
2. A dive into Aparna’s time abroad - Why recognizing privilege, power and bias is important
3. Aparna’s journey to working as Deputy Chief Climate Officer for the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
4. An exploration of the DFC as a whole and its unique values


Ep 98: Josh Posamentier - Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Congruent Ventures

August 14, 2023

1. Josh’s foray into West Coast living, physics, semiconductors, and more
2. How Josh got into energy and where the industry has led him in his career so far
3. A dive into Congruent Ventures and how they stand out in a growing universe of funds
4. Who Congruent Ventures partners with, how they help, and who makes up the Congruent team


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