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Energy Impact Podcast

The Energy Impact Podcast features world-renowned experts across international energy policy and project finance along with regular news updates from leading journalists specializing in energy innovation and business.


Ep 75: Alex O'Cinneide - CEO and Founder, Gore Street Capital

January 12, 2023

1. Alex’s self-described eclectic academic background and his eventual discovery of finance
2. The founding of Gore Street Capital and how Alex views the industry of energy transition
3. A reflection on COVID, government funding, and what it could all mean for the climate crisis
4. A discussion of infrastructure investing and the technology of the future


Ep 74: Alicia Seiger - Managing Director, Sustainable Finance Initiative, Stanford University

January 3, 2023

1. Alicia Seiger’s background and her experience growing up near the esteemed Stanford University
2. A deep dive into Alicia’s climate interests and how her entrepreneurial spirit led her back to Stanford, this time as a Graduate student
3. A lesson on overcoming challenges and skepticism in the climate workspace
4. Alicia’s explanation of carbon accounting, emissions liability management, and more


Ep 73: Ryan Hobert - Managing Director, Climate and Environment, The United Nations Foundation

December 20, 2022

1. Ryan Hobert talks about his time at The United Nations Foundation and the organization’s mission
2. A look at The United Nation Foundation’s Sustainable Development Goals and who should be paying attention to them
3. The world’s climate goals, COP, and how it all comes together in the name of climate policy
4. A discussion of energy independence and energy security


Ep 72: Lisa Jacobson - President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

September 15, 2022

1. An overview of Lisa's career and her work with BCSE
2. A look at BCSE's fact book that they produce with Bloomberg each year 
3. A deep dive into BCSE's work and the companies they represent
4. Lisa's vision for our clean energy future


Ep 71: Thomas Biddinger - Director of Partnerships and Business Development, Calibrant Energy

July 29, 2022

1. Thomas’ early career working in the solar business
2. A deep dive into Calibrant Energy’s work and how they emerged as a joint venture between Macquarie and Siemens
3. A look at the types of projects Calibrant is working on
4. Thomas’ vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 70: Andrew Beebe - Managing Director, Obvious Ventures

July 15, 2022

1. Andrew Beebe talks about his early career and his introduction to energy
2. How Andrew transitioned from entrepreneurship to working in the venture space
3. A deep dive into Obvious Ventures’ work and their newest fund
4. Andrew’s vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 69: Gareth Burns - Vice President, Equinor Ventures

June 22, 2022

1. Gareth Burns explains his career with Equinor, working across various aspects of the business
2. Equinor Ventures’ role within Equnior’s business and the evolution of the broader company
3. A deep dive into Equinor Ventures’ work and what makes them unique as a corporate VC
4. Gareth’s vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 68: Charles Hernick - VP of Policy and Advocacy, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

June 17, 2022

1. Charles Henrick walks through his early introduction to the relationship between the environment and the economy, growing up spending his summers in Ecuador
2. A deep dive into Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and their all of the above approach to clean energy
3. CRES’ upcoming Clean Energy Week and the role it plays in pushing the conversation about clean energy solutions forward
4. Charles’ vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 67: Meredith Angwin - Author, Shorting the Grid

June 2, 2021

1. Meredith Angwin's background in chemistry and geology 
2. Meredith's early work in energy focused on geothermal energy 
3. The importance of a well-balanced energy mix in order to increase grid resiliency
4. Meredith's outlook on the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 66: Karol Gobczynski - Head of Climate and Energy, Ingka Group

May 20, 2022

1. Karol Gobczynski reflects on his career with the Ingka Group and all the roles he has played in energy procurement and sustainability
2. A deep dive into the Ingka Group, Ikea, and their ambitious sustainability goals
3. A look at corporate energy purchasing groups like the RE100 and the role they play in companies achieving clean energy goals
4. Karol’s vision for the clean energy future both for the Ingka Group and globally


Ep 65: Elizabeth Lewis - Managing Director, Deputy Head of ESG, Blackstone

April 29, 2021

1. How Elizabeth’s early experiences in Montana shaped her interest in energy and the environment
2. Elizabeth’s initial exposure to climate and energy financing early in her career
3. Her recent career shift from the International Finance Corporation to Blackstone
4. Elizabeth’s vision for the future of the clean energy transition


Ep 64: Dimitry Gershenson - Co-Founder and CEO, Enduring Planet

April 12, 2022

1. Dimitry’s background studying natural resource management and exploring rural energy problems
2. Dimitry’s role at Enduring Ventures and the work they do to support companies over the long term
3. A deep dive into Enduring Planet’s work providing capital for climate entrepreneurs
4. Dimitry’s vision for the future of the clean energy transition


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