Energy Impact Podcast

The Energy Impact Podcast features world-renowned experts across international energy policy and project finance along with regular news updates from leading journalists specializing in energy innovation and business.


Ep 52: Ben Morris - Technology of Business Editor, BBC

December 7, 2021

1. Ben Morris breaks down his strategy for making technical-based topics accessible to the BBC audience
2. An update on some of the UK’s fusion projects and how the global industry is changing
3. The business of commercializing new energy technology and how to create a product that is buildable
4. How to balance the ethics of technology and why climate change must be attacked on a global scale


Ep 51: Daniel Goldman - Managing Director, Clean Energy Ventures

November 23, 2021

1. Daniel Goldman on the beginnings of Clean Energy Ventures as an early-stage technology investor
2. Why Clean Energy Ventures focuses on advising and mentoring leadership teams in order to bring the right technologies to market
3. A deep dive on the route to commercialization and factors that affect a company’s ability to scale up
4. How strategic exit plans can help a company scale up more quickly and more effectively


Ep 50: Olivia Columbus - Podcast Producer, Energy Impact Center

November 11, 2021

1. Olivia Columbus on how a strategic communications emphasis led her to the Energy Impact Center
2. The development of Energy Impact which focuses on energy finance, policy, and journalism
3. A behind-the-scenes look at the lifecycle of a podcast, from brainstorming to publishing
4. Challenges and strategies for pushing rapid decarbonization of the energy industry in today’s world


Ep 49: Juan Muldoon - Partner, Energize Ventures

November 2, 2021

1. Juan Muldoon reflects on navigating his finance career in search of a high impact platform
2. How the role of software in the world of energy infrastructure & hardware has evolved
3. The importance of why Energize Ventures is focused on representing the entire value chain in its investments
4. Four keys to accelerating the energy transition through best-in-class technology


Ep 48: Michael Liebreich - Chairman and CEO, Liebreich Associates

October 26, 2021

1. Michael Liebreich walks through how the dot-com boom-bust cycle led him to found energy information technology giant, New Energy Finance
2. How New Energy Finance was able to turn data into reports and insights about energy trends
3. The story of how New Energy Finance turned into Bloomberg NEF, further expanding the company’s global impact
4. Introduction to Michael’s newest projects, an advisory firm and the Cleaning Up podcast


Ep 47: Andrew Herscowitz - Chief Development Officer, International Development Finance Corporation

October 19, 2021

1. Andrew Herscowitz reflects on the experiences that led him to dedicate his career to world development
2. How the Power Africa project was launched, helping 100 million people get access to electricity
3. A breakdown of the climate targets set by the Development Finance Corporation and what that means for global impact
4. Strategies for managing risk as a public institution to reach long-term impact goals


Ep 46: Dave Parkin - Director, Progressive Energy

October 13, 2021

1. Dave Parkin’s transition from aerospace to energy in pursuit of making a difference for climate change
2. Hydrogen’s role in decarbonizing the UK’s domestic heat system & its different hydrogen manufacturing methods
3. How HyNet is utilizing industrial clusters to facilitate the creation & transportation of hydrogen, and storage of carbon dioxide in empty oil reserves
4. Ways decarbonization can build & maintain strong economies in local communities


Ep 45: Mie Holstad - Chief Real Assets Officer, Norges Bank Investment Management

October 5, 2021

1. Mie’s background in unlisted real estate and how she was able to translate that experience into the renewable energy space
2. An overview of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund and the responsibility Norges Bank Investment Management has when investing the fund
3. The fund’s renewable energy mandate and the considerations they must undertake when evaluating new opportunities
4. A look at the fund’s first clean energy investment in an offshore wind farm


Ep 44: Dominik Thumfart - Global Co-Head of Origination, Transportation, Infrastructure & Energy, Global Credit Trading, Deutsche Bank

September 29, 2021

1. How Europe’s early leadership in renewable energy exposed Dominik to the forefront of clean energy finance
2. Dominik’s role at Deutsche Bank and the shift towards broader clean energy investments with a range of clients
3. How Deutsche Bank leverages its size and scale to finance clean energy projects
4. The rapid expansion of renewables across the globe and how Deutsche Bank utilizes its resources to work across many geographies


Ep 43: Emily Kirsch - Founder, Powerhouse

September 7, 2021

1. How Emily Kirsch brought to life her vision for a global innovation and venture capital hub
2. Ways Powerhouse is connecting corporations with outside innovators to drive towards ambitious climate goals
3. Why software is the key to getting existing clean technology to scale quickly
4. A breakdown of the trillions of investment dollars committed to decarbonization and net-zero goals


Ep 42: Brian Lehman - Head of Green Economy, JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking

August 31, 2021

1. Brian Lehman breaks down how companies can use convertible financing to raise capital
2. How companies can strategically become more investable
3. The four verticals of the green economy and how it intertwines finance with renewables & other sustainability sectors
4. How JP Morgan is breaking the mold of venture investing and what it means for up-and-coming companies


Ep 41: Reid Spolek - Senior Energy Lead, Google

August 24, 2021

1. Reid Spolek breaks down Google’s 2030 goal of 100% renewable energy matching on a 24/7 basis
2. How expanding data centers into historically fossil-reliant areas helped regions work towards carbon neutrality
3. Google’s innovative partnerships with TVA and AES are opening the doors for more companies to achieve sustainability goals
4. Why deal structuring and policy making are equally impactful as clean technology to achieving net-zero