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Let's talk about reversing climate change.


Our Thesis

Low cost, clean energy is the greatest leverage point towards achieving nearly all of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Whether for climate protection, eliminating air pollution, or arresting poverty, the key to a prosperous future is in the hands of innovators. At the Energy Impact Center, we aim to offer strategic direction through a first principles analysis of our global energy system and re-focusing towards the areas of highest impact. As we continue to learn, we take a three-pronged approach towards creating impact:

Conduct robust research to serve as a knowledge foundation.

Generate compelling media to broadly share our learnings.

Kickstart real-world projects to engage stakeholders.

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Over the last three years, we've met with leading experts across climate and energy, mapping out challenges and opportunities to form the foundation for future work. This work features a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities within the field of nuclear energy and explores how the fundamentals of utilizing atomic energy yield orders of magnitude better performance and less waste over all alternatives. Our work is based on over 1,500 one-on-one interviews across industry, technology, policy, and economics.



Collecting data is an important first step but grows in value when it is widely shared and consumed. To that end, we've created media platforms online with weekly content for a 50,000-strong audience of engineers, financiers, and policy makers and have received millions of views on YouTube. Furthermore, we've delivered a dozen lectures at leading universities and keynoted over 20 international conferences on climate and energy.




Our research learnings have been enhanced by an incredibly motivated network formed through our advocacy. This community has afforded us the unique ability to jumpstart complex and collaborative projects. To that end, we've launched prize competitions, created an open-source repository of power plant blueprints, and are coalescing project capital around real-world build outs as well.


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