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Energy Innovation Reports

Our reports on energy innovation seek to showcase possible future energy technologies, climate mitigation strategies, and must-knows to have a lively debate on the future of energy systems. These reports are easy reads and are meant to be fun and informative.

Renewable Energy Storage

Mapping Greenhouse Gases

Terraforming the Sahara

Graphene Supercapacitors

Carbon Capture

Climate Megaprojects

Technical White Papers

Our technical white papers dissect and examine many of the common misconceptions holding back greater public acceptance of nuclear energy. We run deep analysis across a multitude of dimensions ranging from supply availability, accident phenomenology, the biophysics of radiation and much more.

noun_Nuclear fuel_3292719.png

Peak Uranium, Revisiting Inventory Assessments


Fusion Energy, Revisiting Our Assumptions

noun_radiation stopping_3292205.png

Radiation, Revisiting the Linear No-Threshold Model

Nuclear Accidents, Revisiting the Overall Hazard

noun_Business and Marketing Concepts_182

Probabilistic Risk Analysis, a Tool for Nuclear Design

noun_hud circle_366663.png

Pathways towards Next-Generation Nuclear

Policy White Papers

Our policy white papers help outline what actions can be taken to enable a healthy ecosystem for climate friendly technologies to thrive. Some focus on history to learn from past errors in policy prescription that distorted market incentives and others look toward the future to showcase simple but powerful levers.

Reversing Climate Change

Market Incentives and History

Economics of Nuclear Power

Safety Communication

Next Generation Renewables

noun_environmental pollution_3216299.png

Direct Air Capture

Trade Studies

Our industry-focused studies document potential applications of small nuclear reactors to clean up historically hard to decarbonize sectors in a scalable manner. We touch upon the unique strengths of the technology, such as dispatchable power, and step through some of the specific requirements of each market.

Small Modular Reactors

for Data Centers

Small Modular Reactors

for Metals Production

Small Modular Reactors

for Chemical Production

Small Modular Reactors

for District Heating

Small Modular Reactors

for Water Treatment

Small Modular Reactors for Mining, Refineries, Petrochemicals


The New Nuclear Landscape

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