A First Principles Approach to Reversing

Climate Change



The second and third-order effects of drought may soon force two billion people into migration or starvation.

Carbon is a problem we have just a few years to fix—
not half a century.




We must anticipate global population growth coupled with an increase in energy consumption per capita.

(and that's a good thing too!)

We can not assume every country will tax their own economy or limit energy consumption.

(especially the poorest and most populous)



A true silver bullet is to produce carbon negative products cheaper than carbon positive fuels. 

Utilizing existing infrastructure, this means we needn't require any change in behaviors or sacrifice in lifestyle.


This can be applied globally, immediately. But...  




It takes far more energy to build a fuel & products synthetically than to just burn the fossils directly.

Thus, a new source is required: which must be abundant, incredibly energy dense, and scalable.


Seems tough, huh?

Challenging but straightforward as well...

Build a $50/MwHr plant in less than 2 years... 

whose prices decrease according to manufacturing economies of scale and market forces will solve the problem from there. 

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