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© 2020 Energy Impact Center




The Energy Impact Center is a DC based research institute focused on Deep Decarbonization.

Founded in 2017 by robotics pioneer Bret Kugelmass, the EIC analyzes and supports the solution set of tools which are able to reverse climate change.

Since inception, our rapidly growing team boasts a state of the art media arm, top engineering and economic experts, and global researchers. 

Our Thesis:

(1) Emissions must go net negative by 2040, globally across all energy sectors. (2) The only way to do this is to produce energy inexpensive enough to make carbon negative fuels that compete with fossil fuels on a global market without tax or subsidy. (3) The only energy source that can produce carbon negative fuels matching cost, deployment, and timeline constraints is nuclear fission. (4) Nuclear fission is currently ten times as expensive as it should be. (5) We must identify the cost drivers of Nuclear Energy from a reactor agnostic, techno-economic analysis in order to redefine the requirements for nuclear power production.








Charlie Chesney
Notes Editor