Principal Simulation Controls Engineer

Energy Impact Center is seeking a Simulation/Controls Engineer with an interest in advanced energy technology to work on the latest advancements in nuclear power plant design. The Simulation/Controls Engineer will have primary responsibility for power plant steady-state and transient performance modeling. You will work with our experts in industrial process, nuclear, mechanical, and electrical engineering to develop models for plant systems and controls and contribute to model based design/controls. Your work will have a direct impact on design decisions and product specifications.

Full Time | Atlanta, GA office

The Job

  • Develop and analyze model simulations of nuclear power plant systems to assess steady-state and transient performance – primarily a MATLAB/Simulink/Simscape environment 

  • Work with domain experts to identify mathematical models of multi-physics systems 

  • Identify efficient expressions of systems and appropriate numerical methods to solve them

  • Develop and analyze specialized differential-algebraic models where pre-existing tools are not available or insufficient

  • Assess plant control system impact on plant performance and make recommendations based on process engineering requirements

  • Use MATLAB and/or external software and tools as needed for simulation automation, parameterization, and data reporting

  • Assist with other computation-intensive tasks ​

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Strong technical aptitude in numerical simulation methods, system modeling, and differential-algebraic equation systems

  • Model Based Design / Model Based Controls

  • Deep knowledge and experience in MATLAB  required

  • Demonstrated fluency in a commercial DAE solver package 

  • Simscape preferred, but others are acceptable 

  • Knowledgeable in classical and modern control theory, model identification, model predictive control, and optimal control

  • The below knowledge areas will be helpful, but not required:

  • Python, MPI, C/C++, cloud-based computing, relational databases, PLC programming, and hardware-in-loop testing

  • Ability to self-direct work, studies, and analysis as part of an engineering team

  • Effective problem identification and solution skills.

  • Able to effectively communicate results and analytical findings verbally and in writing.​


  • 3-5 years of post-university experience in software engineering, control design, or simulation development required 

  • Graduate degree (MS/Ph.D.) preferred, not required

  • US Citizenship or Legal Permanent Resident Status

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Principal Simulations Control Engineer


  • List of engineering projects and role

  • LinkedIn profile link

  • Please list who referred you if applicable ​


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