Principal Nuclear Engineer

The Job

  • Take ownership of and lead neutronic design and development of reactor core

  • Design and analyze all impacts (materials, geometry, operational conditions, etc.) on neutronic characteristics of the core such to fully define its performance parameters including:

    • Multiplication factor, reactivity coefficients, fuel cycle, burnup, enrichment patterns, neutron absorber material, reactivity control, etc.

  • Support integration of neutronic and thermal-hydraulic analyses

  • Provide input and support of Probabilistic Risk Assessment including decay heat analysis and isotope following

  • Perform criticality and shielding design and considerations for fresh and spent fuel

  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Pragmatic approach to problem-solving

  • Experience in nuclear codes for criticality and depletion

  • Deep understanding of neutron transport and fuel performance, specifically with light water PWRs

  • Working knowledge of various neutronics codes

  • Working industry knowledge including:

    • Core design target values, control strategies, material advantages/disadvantages, and fuel strategies

  • Lead initiatives of moderate scope and impact

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Ability to self-direct work, studies, and analysis such to develop design criteria

  • Effective problem identification and solution skills

  • Able to effectively communicate results and analytical findings verbally and in writing.


  • Industry/R&D experience preferred

  • Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering, Ph.D. preferred

  • US Citizenship or Legal Permanent Resident Status

To apply, please email



Principal Nuclear Engineer


  • List of engineering projects and role

  • LinkedIn profile link

  • Please list who referred you if applicable ​


  • Resume in PDF format


The Energy Impact Center is seeking a Principal Nuclear Engineer with an interest in advanced energy technology to work on the latest advancements in nuclear power plant design. The position will support dynamic modeling/analysis using neutronic codes. You will be responsible for code management, core design, and support of coupled neutronic and thermal-hydraulic analyses of reactor performance for the OPEN100 reactor.

Full Time | Atlanta, GA Office